Donald Trump Jr. Just Stunned America With One Tweet


The left has been stirring up rumors and being destructive since President Trump was elected.

The tension regarding the President and the left sparked when they suggested potential Russia collusion. Donald Trump Jr. just put an end to it.

Donald Trump Jr has released in his twitter today all his communications he was involved in, with the Russians.

This information has left the Democrats and their supporters mouths agape. Now they are desperate and do not know what to do. Donald Trump Jr has effectively proven that his father is innocent with only TWO TWEETS.

That what you get when you fabricate stories, the evidence comes out and you are left with nothing. Obama and the DNC coordinated this to make the President look bad and destabilize America, but now, they have nowhere to hide anymore.

Now that this information is out there, the world knows that President Trump is innocent and he has nothing to hide.

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