WATCH: Benghazi Special Forces Just Released Information That Incriminates Hillary And Obama


Hillary Clinton screwed up Benghazi, we all know that, however, every day we find out more information about what really happened that the Obama administration didn’t talk about.

Colonel Woods, recently mentioned that the cavalry was ready to help and actually in route towards Benghazi, however, they had to turn back, as Obama refused to approve the operation to help.

You can see here a video from John Tiegen, a survivor for Benghazi who had to fight thirteen long hours for his life, as he was left behind by his President to rot and die in the hands of enemy combatants.

It is shocking to see videos such like these, the Obama administration and Clinton left those men there to die, while they sipped on wine and celebrated their positions.

It is baffling how they are not in jail for such a crime against these people.

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