John McCain finally lost it. You won’t believe what he said


John McCain ever since he lost the elections back in 2008 has been a thorn in the Republican party. But now, it seems that he has completely lost it.

The Guardian which reported that when they asked McCain if America’s image in the global scenario was better under President Obama he said the following words:

“As far as American leadership is concerned, yes.”

He also said that the world isn’t “sure of American leadership whether in Siberia or in Antartica”

McCain has had a history of babbling inconsistently, criticizing the acting President of the United States at every turn, but showing no support when voting in the Senate comes around. Many believe he does this to call attention to himself and further promote himself and family name. Being that McCain seems to always be involved in heavy criticism and controversial statements such as this one, it would not be too hard to believe that he indeed does this for self-promotion.

However, this did not sit well with most people and now McCain is receiving flak on social media and perhaps in real-life as Trump supporters and Republicans are not happy that McCain has publically denounced his party like this. It is unamerican to not show support to your President, specifically when he is from your own party. Things like this catch wind and suddenly you can fuel a lot of un-American movements against the acting President of the United States. McCain’s statement was reckless and troubling, we can only hope that he will apologize in the following days.

As unlikely as it may seem John shouldn’t continue to criticize his own party like he is right now, as he will be more likely to lose his party’s support and the President’s support. That would cause him to perhaps not be re-elected and be forced out of the political scenery for good.











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