Congress to reduce Obama’s pension


In the long history of American Presidents. Many of them have been renown business men, that has never been a secret and being wealthy is not a crime. America is a nation based on freedom and capitalism.

The problem with Obama is not that he is rich. The problem with Obama is that he became rich as a result of being the president. He effectively prostituted the highest office of the United States to fill his own Pocket.

Just last week. He cashed in a nice 400k for a Wall Street speech.
The same Wall Street he denounced and accused of leeching America.
It’s quite curious how fast one can change opinions when money is on the table.

Obama’s salary should have earnt him a little under 4 million over 8 years, yet his net worth increased by 85 million. Moreover during his time as President. Obama enforced a bill that would increase his pension benefits by 2 million each year. That’s even more than what he was paid while in office.

This was so outrageous that back in 2016 Democrats and Republicans united to cut down Obama’s pension by 80%. The bill passed the Senate with unanimous support. Something rarely seen in the last 20 years. Yet, Obama, using a rare presidential power. Vetoed the law claiming it would endanger the “dignity of the office”.

Usually, Trump would get a hard time from the Democrats whenever he tries to undo Obama’s legacy. However, in this case, there will be none of that. Even Democrats are tired of how Obama is abusing the office for personal wealth while using his increased benefits for touring around the world and making paid appearances.

Obama recently used Government money to fund his travels to Europe and Indonesia where he attacked the American people earning money from doing so. It’s estimated that in the last few months he has already cost America over 2 million.

These expenses on top of the 400,000 he profited on our back just went over the line. Congress announced this week they will be reintroducing Obama’s vetoed bill. They are expecting it will be approved and signed by President Trump this year.

Obama has enough money to pay for his own expenses. He should be forced to pay taxes, health insurance like all of us.

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