President Trump’s Poland Foreign Trip


President Trump is now on his second foreign trip and he just landed in Warsaw, Poland, where he received a very warm welcome along with the First Lady, Melania Trump.

Check out how he was received in the amazing video below.

Trump was greeted by Polish troops as well as some dignitaries from the country.

The President will speak tomorrow in Krasinski Square, Trump visits Poland to show support to the country’s conservative stance regarding refugees, as it is one of the last remaining European countries that have not been flooded with refugees.

After Trump finishes his visit to Poland, he will head to Germany for the G-20. He has said on Twitter, that he will be back on Saturday.

Our President continues to strengthen America’s position all throughout the world, the fact that he is so committed to his ideals and will even lend a hand to other countries makes the liberals FREAK out!

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