SHOCKING – Muslim Refugee With Four Wives And 23 Children Gets $389,000 A Year Off Of Benefits


Over the last few years, the refugee crisis has sparked a lot of controversies. Many countries have burdened their own economy and citizens in an attempt to lend a helping hand, unaware that such acts just bring harm to their own countries without solving anything in the big picture.

Over the last few years, many countries have been overstraining their economy to provide for the endless amounts of refugees that have poured into their countries. These socialist leaders have kept spending ever increasing amounts of money for the sake of “humanitarian” aid while completely disregarding the needs of their own citizens who are feeling the consequences on their daily lives.

In the last few years, many countries have basically put their own countries in great debt for the sake of helping refugees. While this may sound a noble cause, in many cases these refugees are people who live under a code of conduct completely alien to our way of life and are just trying to take advantage of the system.

Such is the case of a Syrian refugee, who fled Syria with four wives and 23 children and is now receiving over $360,000 a year in benefits.

The immigrant, only known as Ghazia A, fled Syria over a year ago and has since resettled to Germany where he happily lives know with his family.

Upon arrival, he was questioned on the matter of his 4 wives, as polygamy is illegal in Germany. However, due to “cultural differences”, an exempt was allowed to apply for welfare as a single family.

Due to housing issues and the size of his “clan”, his family had to be accommodated in over 4 different houses, one for each wife. Can you believe that? He gets 1 house for each wife! For Free!?

The one “downside” for him is that the houses are distributed over several communities, some up to 31 miles apart. This “downside” has sadly kept this man from working as he explains that by Muslim law he is forced to pass equal amounts of time with all his wives and as such he spends most of his day driving from one house to the other. Otherwise, he would feel “guilty” for neglecting his family.

Pretty convenient he doesn’t feel guilty from the free housing, the car or the gas he gets to charge to the poor taxpayers.

Cases like Ghazia is a perfectly good example of why there is a need for more protests about the refugee immigration policy. Their way of life preys on the hard work of the taxpayers while threatening to change the values and morals of western civilization.

One of Ghazia’s neighbors who has to pay for his own rent expressed discontent as he said he feels like he is being forced to pay for “A syrian with 4 women and 23 children, while accepting it as a new normality”.

A lot of these taxpayers, as they face the reality of cases like “Ghazia” feel defrauded by the government which once promised to them that refugees would help reinvigorate economy. New finding, show that most of the refugees will remain unemployed for up to 10 years, as 75% either do not the skills to work or simply find it more comfortable to live on welfare.

These days politicians keep forgetting that they were elected to safeguard the interest of their countries and their citizens, and prioritize their own EGO and PUBLIC IMAGE.

This sort of reality, is exactly what OBama has been pushing onto American for the last 3 years.
Even now, there are a myriad of “deals” and “legislations” to ensure more refugees keep on entering our country even without Trump’s approval. Thankfully Trump is doing all in his power to revoke this laws and put more filters so we do not become more of a welfare nation.

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