Revolutionary Cancer-Killing Treatment Approved By Trump’s EPA


This is going to change the world. And this is precisely why we elected President Trump; to get rid of the useless and bureaucratic Obama era regulations that kept America from reaching its true potential.

We are a nation of laws and freedom, not a nation or regulations and restrictions. Liberals may believe they are one and the same, but that’s not true.

Laws are created to safeguard freedom while regulations are created to restrict it. The rampant proliferation of regulations during the Obama era goes to show how little faith he had on the American people.

Obama’s preference for regulations was also a sign of weakness and fear. He did not wish for America to try new things, to experiments. This fear caused America to have 8 years without any significant breakthroughs.

This attitude is exactly what cost Democrats the elections. As the nation got tired from stagnation, they also grew tired from the Democratic party who are now in the biggest slump of the last 50 years.

But this era of regulations and holding back America all in the past as Trump starts a new chapter in American History, starting with his EPA.

Cancer has been for a long time one of the greatest evils against men. It presents itself in many ways, treatments are painful and limited and drugs are extremely expensive.

Now, there is a revolutionary new method to get cure cancer without expensive or invasive treatments. This new treatment will allow the body to create its body’s own cells to seek and destroy cancer cells.

A few of the patient’s cells are treated using synthetic viruses or CRISPR. The cells are then put back into the patient and the patient’s immune system will then eradicate Cancer by itself.

This could eradicate all sorts of cancer to the levels of common cold!

If only we could get rid just as easily of Obama and Pelosi, and the rest of the Democratic party…

This treatment has already been proven effective with children fighting blood cancer, cell diseases, and other diseases. It’s safe and most importantly would be affordable.

Due to the overwhelming amount of regulations, it has only been available on an experimental basis and only a few people could try it. The lucky ones from clinical trials and the privileged with enough money to bypass federal regulations.

But as reported by the NY Times, Trump’s FDA is getting rid of all regulations standing between this miracle treatment and the American people. This lifesaving treatment will be available on the market for the very first time really soon. This sort of innovation is what the American spirit is all about.

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