Sally Yates to testify on Flynn on May 8. Calling White House liars.


Sally Yates just came out and decided to change her version of the story over 3 months after the fact openly contradicting the White House. This is a lame attempt at bringing the now old Russia topic back to life and allowing the FAKE news to attack Donald Trump.


Sally Yates former attorney General is claiming she informed the White house of Flynn’s activities in Russia at the end of January and that the white house should have taken action sooner to investigate the matter. This contradicts the standing story by the White House. She is effectively calling the WH liars.

This comes especially suspicious as she has had many months to make this statement but only decides to speak up now. She also said before she only gave a heads up, no official comment was done.


Yates previously said that she had some misgivings about Flynn, but again she also at some point pretty much openly criticized every single pick of Donald Trump’s staff. Now she is trying to twist her words into saying she actually gave an official notice of Flynn’s (alleged) illegal activities.


Let’s not forget she was attorney general back then and if she believed that Flynn was in any way violating any laws (which has not been proven) it was in her power to assemble an investigation to stop it.


On these comments, Sean Spicer has addressed this issue and called them lies. Big fat lies. She never once said that Flynn was any sort of risk at all and this is just her way of getting back for being dismissed from the AG position ahead of time.

Sean Spice:
I am taken aback by these comments, this is simply not true.


Sally Yates will give testimony on May 8. She has referred to this sudden change of heart as “setting things straight” which means she already acknowledges she openly lied about it.
Even worse, because the classified nature of this level of communication she will not give any details at all during her testimony. Meaning it will be all general guesswork that cannot be confirmed.

Such a shame that she was once given the trust of the President of the united States and decided to mess it up.

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